Glaze v. State

In this case where a petitioner’s former attorneys appealed an order of the district court dismissing a postconviction petition as moot following the death of the petitioner, the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal, holding that the attorneys did not have standing to seek review of the district court’s order. Here, Petitioner died after filing an amended petition for postconviction relief. The district court granted the State’s motion to dismiss, concluding that the petition was technically moot due to Petitioner’s death and that the significant-public-interest exception to the mootness doctrine was not satisfied. Petitioner’s former attorneys appealed. The Supreme Court held that it lacked appellate jurisdiction and dismissed the appeal because the attorneys, whose attorney-client relationship with Petitioner terminated on his death and who were not aggrieved parties themselves, lacked standing. View "Glaze v. State" on Justia Law

Posted in: Criminal Law

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